Log Corps Formal Dinner

On July 27, 2019
Posted by Alex Smithers
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Logistic Corps Formal Dinner

Logistic Corps Formal Dinner is coming to fruition. The planned date is 27 Jul 19 and will be conducted at the RAAFA facility in Bullcreek (adjacent to the Air Force Heritage Museum). The event is open to all current and past members of the Logistic Corps and their predecessors (RACT, RAEME, RAAOC, RAAMC, RAANC, RAASC, WRAAC). The intent of this dinner is to create a potential greater network amongst the current and past members of these corps and associations. The question has often been asked what benefit the associations can provide to the current serving members. It now behoves those of us in the associations to show that we have something to offer currently and in the future. It is obvious that the existence of the associations is dependent on membership but we need to start thinking outside the square if we wish to continue to exist in the future.

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The Logistic Corps Dinner Flyer 2019