Entries on the the Sick Parade list will only be displayed for 90 days.  An new submission can be made to have the member placed back on the list for a further 90 days as required.

Date Listed Name of Member Location Illness Point of Contact Email POC
17 Aug 19Phillip BondWe received the following regarding the health of Phillip Bond.
I have been unable to attend the RAQ monthly meetings as I have had health problems for the last 3-4 months, I am presently back home after spending 14 days in hospital and am laid up for another 6 weeks with a spacer replacement in my right leg with no knee. After the 6 weeks I’ll be going back into surgery to remove the spacer and fit a newer prosthetic knee so the situation is I’ll be of the radar till November/ December.
Regards to all Phillip Bond
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